Chronic Illness Care

Chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Asthma require ongoing care with regular check-ups, care plans and team care arrangements with allied health care practitioners (Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors etc). We provide a recall service to patients with chronic illnesses so that they can be monitored on a regular basis.

We also provide Palliative care to terminally ill patients with home visits available where necessary.

Travel Clinic

Our Nurses and our Doctors can advise you on the necessary vaccinations needed for travel in particular areas and the health risks of travelling in these areas.

For up to date information and vaccine information by country, click here.

Wound Care

We have Registered Nurses onsite who are able to provide ongoing wound care after you have consulted with your Doctor.

Recalls and Reminders

We use a computerised recall system. At times we may contact you by mail or telephone reminding you of due service or because your Doctor wishes to see you regarding test results. Patients have the option to opt out from receiving reminder lettters.

Health Assessments

Bulk Billed health assessments are available to patients who are between 45-50 and also yearly to those patients over 75.

We also provide a free ECG to anyone over 45 who has not had one with us previously.

These checks are important for picking up early on health conditions that you may not be aware of.


The doctors at the practice are competent at handling all the common health problems. When it is necessary, they are able to draw an opinion from specialists, and if need be, refer you for further investigation. You can discuss this openly with your doctor at consultation.

Men’s Health

We have male doctors available who have many years’ experience in health problems that occur specifically in males.

They attend education sessions on a regular basis and are up to date on the most recent treatments for these problems.

Prevention Care

The basis of good health treatment is prevention.

Our doctors are fully educated and up to date to help and support you to cease smoking, treat substance abuse, advise you and refer you to specialists to help you deal with obesity management and all other areas of lifestyle managemen

Skin Checks

We provide full skin checks with state of the art equipment available for detection of early changes that may indicate the risk of skin cancer.  Our doctors are fully trained in the detection and removal of minor lesions.  We also provide cryotherapy services for removal of warts and minor skin abnormalities.

Women’s Health

We have a number of female doctors who are available to perform pap smears and breast examinations.  They are also trained to perform health checks specifically for women.

We can also offer obstetric advice and advice on gynaecological issues with referral to specialists when necessary.

Childhood and Immunisations

Our nurses are fully trained in planning and giving the necessary childhood immunisations.  They will also conduct the 4 year old health check when your child is due for it.  If you are worried about your child’s development please ask for advice.


Patient results usually need an appointment unless the doctor has authorised the nursing staff to provide them over the phone.

Doctors prefer patients to come back in for a review of the results. All private patients are bulk-billed for this service.